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Staging for an Apartment…     The Overlooked Value

Staging for an Apartment… The Overlooked Value

When clients start their search for a new home, whether looking to buy or rent, they often browse the web and do what we all are inclined to do when trying to filter through the multitude of options, they gravitate towards the most eye-catching images. Similarly, when clients come to view a property in person, the more visually appealing, the better impression it’ll leave on them.

In order to stand out in today’s real estate market, where the options are constantly increasing, agents and owners must create a distinctive edge for themselves that sets their listing apart from others. The process of home staging is meant to highlight a home’s strong points and minimizes its weaknesses. It encompasses a combination of design and conceptualization techniques to successfully make a home visually stimulating to a buyer or renter.

Apart from the initial cleaning and repairing of the home, according to The New York Cooperator, there are five elements that elevate a property's appeal:

  • De-clutter

  • Pare down

  • Position furniture

  • Color

  • Lighting

Clients want to step into a property that’s warm and inviting, where they can envision themselves living. Incorporating these five practices when preparing a home for a viewing will allow you to present your space at its best.

Not all home staging projects require construction work, repainting or buying all new furniture. Some properties may require extensive enhancements however, most simply require small modifications. Some easy and effectives methods include:

  • Incorporating flowers - this easily makes a home warmer and more inviting

  • Repositioning current furniture to give a room a new look - reorganizing can make a room like bigger and neater

  • Invest in small items - adding cushions, a new rug or a new coffee table are all easy changes that go a long way

  • Good lighting - lighting makes as much of a difference in person as it does in photographs. Replacing bulbs or light fixtures can drastically lighten up a space.

By now it’s evident that home staging isn’t simply changing everything in a home that you perceive to be unappealing. It comes with strategy that helps you maximize your efforts. The National Association of Realtors 2015 Profile of Home Staging found these to be the top 5 areas to stage:

  1. Living Room

  2. Kitchen

  3. Master Bedroom

  4. Dining Room

  5. Bathroom

Spending more of your efforts on improving the areas where most time is spent and are most often seen by guests, is proven to bring the highest return.

Useful places to start searching for inspiration and pieces include:

Though home staging comes with a cost, it’s a very cost-effective tool when considering the benefits. StagedHomes.com and The International Association of Home Staging Professionals found that 95% of homes staged by an Accredited Staging Professional sell on average in 11 days or less, and for 17% higher compared to if the home wasn’t staged.

Home staging can make a considerable difference when it comes to how long a property stays on the market, the perceived value of the property and the price it sells for. To put it simply, a well kept and presented home performs better than one that’s not as polished.

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