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June Round Up

June Round Up

As we kick off summer, Mdrn. Residential has been busy working with clients to find their perfect match. During the industry’s busiest time, our team sat down to offer insight into to the industry. Below is our collection of media.

The Lead Generation

Lead-generation is becoming a normalized practice in the real estate industry. Check out this Real Deal article featuring our own Zach Ehrlich to find out his thoughts. 

 A Renters Market

Due to New York City’s softening rental market, renters hold the ball in their court. Our own Kobi Lahav speaks upon the softening market in this Real Estate Weekly article

Best of Both Worlds

Some people think they have to choose between having a home with a backyard or living in New York City. Read this New York Times article where Mdrn. agent Jos Mansell gives you tips on how to get the best of both worlds. 

Where the Agents Went

The collapse of Bellmarc Realty led to over 500 agents looking for new place to work. Check out this article to find out where they went featuring Zach Ehrlich.

Daily Broker Fee

Are agents going to have to start paying a daily fee to put listings up on StreetEasy? Read this article to find out what our own Zach Ehrlich has to say.


Stay in the Know...

Stay in the Know...

Vin et Fleurs

Vin et Fleurs