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Beyond Central - Explore the City's Parks This Spring

Beyond Central - Explore the City's Parks This Spring

When visitors come to New York City, they tend to explore Central Park, but they forego all the other beautiful natural attractions. The same goes for residents. Anyone living in the city spends their time walking the paths of the park, but they pay no mind to the other excellent facilities this beautiful city has to offer. That should certainly change this spring, though.

Notable Parks

Besides Central Park, there are several state and federal administered parks available to the public. Some of these options include bikeways, birding spots, botanical gardens, fishing locations, historic homes, and nature preserves. If you’re keen on wilderness, the city has something to offer. A few places to explore this spring include:

•    Great Kills Park – Described as an ocean beach playground ride with wildlife, Great Kills Park is located on a small peninsula in State Island. In total, there are 580 acres of open space for visitors to explore and relax. The sandy beach is certainly popular amongst locals.

•    East River State Park – Yet another waterfront park, the East River State Park is seven acres of a stunning view. If you look just across the river, you’ll spot the Manhattan skyline with ease. For children, the play area and green space are suitable for frisbee and games of tag.

•    Battery Park City Parks – Battery Park City Parks are notable for their catch-and-release fishing rules, plus the variety of marine life in the Hudson River. Skilled and amateur anglers can enjoy their time in the sun.

Benefits of Parks

Most people pay no mind to state parks. They’re tools to use on a sunny day. In reality, parks offer wildlife a unique home, and children an excellent location to spend their time. Without parks, events and games would simply cease.

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