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Photography Spots in the City

Photography Spots in the City

Calling all New York City photographers! If you are looking for a unique place for a photoshoot outside of a studio, you came to the right place. From outdoor wonders to abandoned buildings to historical sites, there is a long list of places that you need to check out!

1. New York Transit Museum:

For $10, you can check out this transit museum located in a historic decommissioned subway station at the corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street in Downtown Brooklyn. Not only is this a must-see museum, but it is also and awesome spot for a really unique shoot!

Greenacre Park

Image Credit: @Edwardcarusophoto

2. Midtown East’s Greenacre Park:

The Concrete Jungle is not all pavement and skyscrapers. In the midst of all the busy is a calm escape, the Greenacre Park. This sanctuary is home to a 25-foot-high waterfall that is accompanied by trees, an outdoor cafe, and a seating area. This serene park is a unique sight in the city and makes for a great photo-op.

3. Brooklyn’s Vinegar Hill:

This small town has been almost completely preserved from the 1800’s and is a refresher after being in a big city for so long. Vinegar Hills’ cobblestone roads and old-school buildings add to the charm of the town and make for a classic photoshoot as well as an interesting walk through the past.

4. Green-Wood Cemetery:

As gloomy as it may sound, this cemetery is admired for its preservation of some incredible architecture and old tombstones. This national historic landmark is filled with gothic revival features, greenery, and ponds which make it a one-of-a-kind location for a photoshoot.

Hell Gate Bridge 

Image Credit: @john_randazzo_photography

5. Hell Gate Bridge: The Hell Gate Bridge has many intriguing qualities. To complement its name, it is painted “Hell Gate Red” and you can also go inside of the bridge! The view from the bridge is breathtaking, especially when the sunset is reflected on the water.

6. 5Pointz:

This warehouse was turned into a canvas by graffiti artists in the area. Anyone is allowed to paint on the walls once granted permission. The preservation of the graffiti on the walls of this building has turned it into an outdoor art exhibit as well as a unique background.

7. The Bushwick Collective:

Similar to 5Pointz, The Bushwick Collective was turned into a canvas to provide graffiti artists with a legal way to express themselves. The purpose of it is to inspire art and innovation, so click away!

8. Williamsburg Bridge:

Art inspires art. The Williamsburg Bridge is another spot where graffiti artists leave their mark. The bright red suspension cables along with the graffiti is an awesome combination that will definitely catch your eye. Make sure you stay until dusk to watch the sun behind the Manhattan entrance!

Stone Street

Image Credit: @jssilberman

9. Stone Street:

In the middle of the Financial District, Stone Street hosts a variety of restaurants and bars that surround the cobble stone road and the twinkling lights above. This charming street is perfect for photography considering all the great lighting!



Whether it is for an adventure or a photo shoot, these spots are a must-see!

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