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Nightlife in NYC

Nightlife in NYC

After a long week, winding down with friends, family, or even enjoying some solitude is something we can all use. Living in the city that never sleeps, there are always endless possibilities on any given night. From bars to bowling and family-time at the zoo, you will never not have anything to do.


  • Urban Adventures

    • You go to work, come home, run a few errands here and there, and probably know the most popular places to go to have fun. If you have lived in the city for a while, you probably avoid the tourist attractions and tours as much as possible, but this is a tour that you might actually be interested in. Instead of visiting the most popular places, a local guide will take you through hidden backstreets, take you to quirky markets, and help you discover the richness of New York City.

  • The Back Room

    • If you are a bit of a history nerd, this is the place to go. The Back Room is one of the two speakeasies that operated during the Prohibition and still exists. It is kept the way it was almost 100 years ago- you have to walk through the same hidden entrance and sip your drink in a tea cup in a vintage room behind a bookcase.

  • New York Comedy Club

    • Sparking laughter since the 1960’s, the New York Comedy Club will gladly make you laugh seven nights a week. In addition to all the funny business, there is a pre- and post-show bar that allows for an open and fun time.

  • Bronx Zoo Overnight Safari

    • The zoo may seem like a daytime activity, however, the Bronx Zoo offers after-hours adventures in which you can get a chance to explore the zoo once no one is there for a “Night at the Museum” kind of experience.

  • Brooklyn Bowl

    • Here’s a twist on your average family fun night. It is a bowling alley, meets club/concert, meets a restaurant/bar.

  • Paradiso: Chapter 1

    • This interactive theater will be the thrill of your lifetime. The goal is to try to escape with a group of friends. The room is designed by the people who have worked on Hamilton and Queen of the Night, so this is no simple task.

  • Barcelona Bar

    • Every shot is a whole different experience; the Harry Potter shot comes with a fire show or try the Full Metal Jacket where you must wear the attire to receive the shot.

  • Beauty Bar

    • You can enjoy a martini with your manicure for only $10 at this unique take on a beauty bar.

  • Studio Square NYC

    • Think fashion show/food court/club. You could go to Studio Square every weekend for entire month and experience something completely different every single time. Stop by on Wednesday nights for  $4 drinks that are served from 7PM- close for “Ladies Night”.

  • Webster Hall

    • From “Saved By The 90’s” nights to concerts performed by the latest artists, Webster Hall is home to some of the best concert meets club kind of nights.


With the ability to chose from a variety of options, there is no way that you will ever get bored of a night out in the city!


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