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Coffee Shops & Cafes

Coffee Shops & Cafes

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house, away from all the noise and just sip on some coffee and relax. If that is the case, here are some coffee shops and cafes that will help you stay in a calm, stress free zone.

  1. Greecologies- 379 Broome Street

Greecologies is an outdoor cafe that provides an open forest ambience because of its greenery and wooden accents. The Greek yogurt topped with rose petal preserve is a classic at this Greek cafe. 

     2. I Am Coffee- 9 St. Marks Place

Get a feel of Italy without even leaving the city. This coffee shop  is actually just a small espresso bar (about 100ft²) and was created to honor the Italian tradition of coffee drinking as a time to socialize. The small space allows for customers to be forced to share it and forge friendships.

    3.    Fair Folks and a Goat- 96 West Houston Street

The way this coffee shop does business is just as unique as its name. Fair Folks and a  Goat offers unlimited amounts of coffee, tea, lattes, and espressos for members who pay $35/month. This shop also doubles as a store that sells clothing and accessories for both men and women as well as home decor, which members receive 10% off.

    4. Caffe Reggio- 119 MacDougal Street

Old is gold. Caffe Reggio has been around since 1927 and still draws people in. The quotes from Dante’s Inferno written all over walls and iron fixtures help with the Italian Renaissance feel of the place.

   5.    Birch Coffee- 21 East 27th St.

If you are looking for a new and unique read, go to Birch. The shop is filled with books left behind by other customers and  is a new way of getting your daily dose of caffeine.

   6.     AP Cafe- 426 Troutman Street, Bushwick

Less is more in this rudimentarily designed coffee shop. Check out their Thai iced tea and Vietnamese coffee after exploring the Bushwick Collective.

   7.     Toby’s Estate- N 6th Street, Williamsburg

Ever wonder how to make coffee like the shops do? Learn how at Toby’s Estate where you can take private lessons and enjoy the vintage feel of the place.

  8.     Blue Bottle Coffee- 160 Berry Street, Williamsburg

With a history as rich as its coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee went from Vienna to California and has reached New York City.

  9.     Hungry Ghost- BRIC House, 647 Fulton Street, Fort Greene

The cafe is as creative as the name, having walls and countertops covered in colorful artwork of local artists.

  10.   Milk & Roses- 1110 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint

Milk & Roses combines the studious atmosphere of a library with their poetry reading events while also sticking to their roots by serving wine and Italian food in the evening.

As a real New Yorker, you probably can not live without your daily dose of coffee and with all these options, it is impossible to run out of an interesting caffeine experience.


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