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January Round Up

January Round Up


The month of January flew by but we were able to sit and round up some press. Read below how Mdrn. Residential and our team agents did the media. It was a good month.

In With The New.

Recently, Real Estate Weekly commented on the recent hiring of our newest employees.  Get to know Olinda Turturro, Dan Berman, and Meza Eythel in Who's News: Industry Hires.

Born To Run, Part 2.

The Real Deal recently interviewed our Founder and CEO, Zach Ehrlich about the book he is currently reading and why he chose it. To find out, read  What They Are Reading Now.

Playing The Field.

Ever wonder how agents are always able to sell? It is all about vision, described about our agent, Jai Lee here.

The Art of Staging.

Homes do not usually just sell themselves. The art of selling is just that, an art. Part of selling a home involves making it look like a home. The Observer caught up with agent, Jos Mansell, on how he makes that happen — here is what that process looks like. 

Showbiz Or No Biz

Looking to rent your home and make some extra money? Learn the perks of renting out for a movie production from our very own Jos Mansell here

Dream = Reality

Are selling prices dropping? Will your dream home soon be yours?  Our Founder and CEO, Zach Ehrlich, says it is possible, find out how and why in DNA Info.

From The Best...

Starting from scratch is as tough as it sounds, here are the facts from our Founder and CEO, Zach Ehrlich.

Make It or Break It

Do you know what you need to do before you break a lease? One of our agents, LaShara Pratt, helps point out some of the things that you should make sure you do not miss. Find out what they are in Read This Before You Break A Lease.




Developmental Progress... Or Lack There Of

Developmental Progress... Or Lack There Of

Staging for an Apartment…     The Overlooked Value

Staging for an Apartment… The Overlooked Value